Frustrated with CPAP?

Start Sleeping Comfortably

CPAP Desensitization

Through desensitization you will become sufficiently "used" to the new sensory inputs from CPAP equipment that you can actually sleep. Unassisted, this process may take weeks or months.  But with Pur-Sleep, the process is fast and automatic.  Watch our new explainer video:


CPAP Irritations and Bad Smells

Without the PurSleep System, your sense of smell may actually work against your therapy. Plastic CPAP components often emit minor levels of volatile organic compounds such as vinyl chloride (the "shower curtain" or "new car" smell), known chemosensory irritants even if you're not aware of their presence. This may cause discomfort and irritation especially for patients using newly-manufactured equipment. The PurSleep System substitutes pleasant scents for chemical odors, putting your nose to work for you, not against you.