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PapCap Chinstrap


Mouth leaks are a common problem in CPAP therapy. That "cotton-mouth" feeling is a strong sign that your CPAP therapy is leaking out of your mouth as you sleep. Simply closing the jaw with a chinstrap isn't enough for most people because air still escapes through the lips. Believe it or not, many people use tape or even denture cream to seal their lips!

There's a much easier solution—a comfortable chinstrap that closes the jaw and moves the "fleshy" part of the chin up about a half of an inch to prevent air from escaping through the lips.

100% cotton material is light, cool, breathable, and comfortable. It also stretches less than other fabrics, so a good cotton chinstrap will deliver all the tension you need right where you need it—on the bottom of your chin.

A huge problem with other chinstraps is that they're made out of flexible, non-breathable material, like Neoprene, so there's no way to deliver tension where it's needed. And who wants to wear Neoprene against their skin all night?

Tension Distribution

Conventional headgear works by using a belt system mounted on a round shape. A "belt on a ball" works against the natural shape of the head, not with the shape.

The cotton cap platform distributes tension evenly across the surface area of your head so there are no pressure points. It's comfortable, stable, keeps your headgear from sliding around, messing up, and even pulling out your hair. It also provides just enough padding to eliminate those irritating strap and plastic marks, even on your forehead!

Many people wear their conventional headgear over the PAP-Cap. Others use the connectors provided with the papCAP to attach their mask directly to the cap. The design offers two connection points at the bottom, either by directly to the chinstrap or to the extensions sewn into the backstraps (if not desired, remove by picking out the thread).

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Enjoy our new whiteboard "explainer" video about the PAP-Cap.  

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