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Used in Asia for thousands of years, buckwheat hulls make ideal pillow stuffing material. They’re light and bulky, absorb body moisture, and stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When used in a semi-rigid, pre-quilted natural cotton shell, buckwheat hulls readily conform to the space between the body and the sleeping surface and once in place, do not shift even during active sleep, providing robust support right where you want it!

The pillow is easily adjusted to suit any sleeping position:

Side sleepers usually prefer a more full pillow. The four inch vertical side panel easily fills the space between the neck and shoulder.
Back sleepers typically remove about one third to one half of the hulls. In this configuration, the side panel can be used as a therapeutic cervical pillow: Simply create a nest for the back of the head and the hulls in the cervical area will stay in place even during active sleep.
Stomach can easily create an ideal, low-profile, cuddly pillow to suit their personal preferences.

The pillow ships with over five gallons of buckwheat hulls blended with shredded foam (3% by weight), more than enough to suit any sleeping position.

Sourced from a U.S. manufacturer, our soft, natural cotton quilted pillow shell is machine washable and provides for a soft, quiet buckwheat hull pillow–features lacking in traditional buckwheat hull pillows.

Our premium buckwheat hulls are sourced from the finest North American suppliers. They are clean, dust free, and hypoallergenic.

Unlike many synthetic products on the market, buckwheat hull pillows will last many years. Over time the hulls become polished and more flowable and will not lose more than about 20 percent of their volume. It’s simple enough to make adjustments by filling the pillow. Hulls may be economically replaced at any time.

Fits any standard pillow case.

Handcrafted in the USA!  

THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE FOR DOMESTIC SHIPMENT ONLY. Canadian customers, please contact us via email at in order to arrange purchase of unfilled textile pillow and case (source your own hulls).


Excellent pillow for abd/side sleeperReview by Tiawah1
I got my Buckwheat pillow about 1 year ago, shortly after I started using my full mask CPAP. And it has made all of the difference in a good night's sleep. Since I sleep partially on my abd and side, it was difficult to arrange a regular pillow so that it wouldn't push my mask up and cause an air leak....I don't have this problem at all with my CPAP pillow. I can easily mold it so that it fits around my mask and thus does not cause any leaks. I have used the pillow every night for a year and highly recommend it. By adding the amount of buckwheat hulls that allow you to mold the pillow to your liking is the crucial part of the product---if you add too many hulls, it will be too firm (I prefer a softer pillow)--and the nice thing is that you can remove hulls if you need to adjust the firmness of the pillow. This is a terrific pillow!!! (Posted on 8/27/2014)
pleasantly surprisedReview by sleepycarol
The Form-Fit Pillow made with buckwheat hulls is incredible. I usually toss and turn some during the night and have been waking with stiffness and soreness in my neck, upper back, and shoulder region. For the last three or so years I have been using a good quality memory foam pillow. I love my memory foam pillow and do not have any real problems sleeping with it except for the stiffness and soreness. I do know I do NOT want to go back to using regular pillows as they give me fits and never seem to give me a good nights sleep.

I used the pillow for the first time last night. Let me tell you -- it was way beyond my expectations. It was comfortable. It cradled my head with great support and this morning no soreness or stiffness. I was able to move, toss, and turn without problems with my mask. The pillow is well made with nice thick ticking that can be washed (after removing the hulls via the zippered opening), is a generous 4 inches thick -- regular pillow size.

If you are looking for a great pillow -- please check out this pillow. It does not have any divets cut out but I do not think you need them with this particular pillow. (Posted on 7/3/2014)
awesomeReview by Pugsy
I currently use the Form-Fit Buckwheat pillow and I love it. The sound is not an issue for me. Not only is it easy to "customize" an area for the mask, it is a good fit for my poor old arthritic cervical spine. Been using it for a couple of months now. I love it. I would use it for my neck even if I didn't has OSA. (Posted on 7/3/2014)
Even works on my stomach with CPAP!Review by Joy
I am a stomach sleeper and I use this pillow. I love this pillow!

I *can* sleep comfortably, on my stomach, with this pillow - something I can't do with a regular pillow of any kind (memory foam, polyfill, or down...we have them all). (Posted on 7/3/2014)
Works great!Review by Kenny
I just recently received a Form-Fit pillow. It is a much different experience than my memory foam pillow, which I agree is too firm. Being a side sleeper (occasionally stomach), I filled the pillow with about 3/4 of the hulls. Way too much. I now use about 1/2 the hulls and am totally comfortable!

Recently, I developed a pinched nerve in the neck (not related to the pillow) and thought maybe I should go back to a regular pillow for a while. BAD IDEA! The Form-Fit provides much better support and helps keep my neck in a neutral position. That's not only good for my neck and spine, but it's also good for my sleep architecture since I'm not dropping my chin to my chest, thus closing the airway. (Posted on 7/3/2014)
Comfort at LAST!!!! :)Review by LadyB
O,M,G!!!!! I can't believe that I have been wasting years and money on cotton and memory foam pillows, when Buckwheat was where it was at all this time!!!! Who knew???? I sure didn't! Oh, but I do Now! Love this pillow, so Comfortable, so Glad I tried it! I will never sleep with anything else! Keeps you cool, and keeps your head supported, what else could you ask for? I ended up pouring all my Buckwheat's in case, it felt better that way for me! I will be ordering more of these pillows, and will be throwing out all my cotton ones! I HIGHLY Recommend this Pillow! Thank You BUCKWHEAT!!!!! :)
(Posted on 7/2/2014)
Holds its shape wellReview by Serena
I used it with my CPAP mask and was able to mold it into a shape that did not disturb the mask. Tip - when pouring the buckwheat into the pillow case, either use a friend to hold the pillow case, or set the pillow case upright in the box it came in. No spills. (Posted on 7/2/2014)

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