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The best solution for “mouth breathing” is the most simple approach: A comfortable chinstrap that simultaneously closes the jaw and seals the lips by pressing the bottom lip upward about one centimeter. However, a relatively large amount of tension delivered to the bottom of the chin is required to accomplish this.

The 100% cotton PAPCap™ does just that, mounting a totally new kind of chinstrap on a round cap that works with the natural round shape of the head in evenly distributing tension over the entire surface area of the head, without pressure points or discomfort. The most important innovation in this product is the use of a very stiff yet light cotton material. Stiffness is necessary in order to achieve the appropriate levels of tension in a comfortable way.

The PAPCap™ comes in two sizes. This listing will fit most people. If your headband measurements is larger than 24 inches, you should consider the XL size.


lots of good to sayReview by jsmythe
This is a great product!! I have been using it for the last 9 nights and am very comfortable with it.

The instructions were fairly easy to read and understand once I got the actual product and was able to put it together looking at it.

First night: I applied the Velcro to the chinstrap and slept in it that way first. The mask
straps sort of came across my cheeks. It was very comfortable. However, the sticky-backed Velcro square kept sliding out of position,as in trying to come off. It would wake me.

So the next night- I put the clips on the cross-straps coming from the back of head. I found this to be much much more comfortable than the previous method. The only thing that I felt to be uncomfortable was, when the straps would slightly ride up against the bottom of my ears. It did not hurt, though the pressure was a little uncomfortable. No pain there. It was also easier to remove this way. I unhooked the clips from mask then one side of chin strap. Done.

When I awoke the only thing that I actually felt and was aware of, was my mask cushion on my face. It did not feel hot on my head or uncomfortable. No specific strap or headgear pressure of any kind, like with the original mask's headgear. I had minor strap marks on my neck and jaw area, they went away quickly. I slept using that method for 3 nights.

For the last four nights, I tried the Velcro on the chin strap method again, this time, I
attached the Velcro square with a needle and thread to stabilize it better. It was very
comfortable and worked great, but I had strap marks on my face. Pap Cap and mask was not as quick and easy to remove using this method for me. I preferred unclipping my mask rather than undoing the velcro, seemed easier that way for me.

I don't know of anything that really needs to be changed. But here is a thought,
"When the pap cap with headgear is made, make it with the velcro on the chinstrap
attached permanently. That way, the customer has the choice of using either method.
I really liked both ways.

The Pap Cap with chin strap is a wonderful product that works great. I have tried 4 different chin straps and can not use any of them. This Pap Cap with chin strap works great for me. I can use it comfortably with no problems. I also have TMJ, this chin strap did not bother me or make that worse, I think it may possibly help.

I love the idea of the headgear straps attached. I tried using it without them,and used my original mask headgear. Then I tried it using Pap Cap headgear. I strongly prefer the Pap Cap headgear overall. There was absolutely no pressure points whatsoever and minimal strap marks.

The material is very soft and breathable cotton and easy to launder in cold water (Posted on 7/3/2014)
best chinstrapReview by looziangirl
I have been using the PAPcap for one week & it is by far the best chin strap I have tried. At first I thought it was a bit pricey but if you add up the cost of buying a chin strap & headgear is cheaper. It doesn't get stretched during the night like the neoprene straps do. The neck straps are too long for me & my ears usually end up getting covered up but that is a minor inconvenience. I did add some extra velcro along the neck straps and had to reinforce the areas where the velcro is sewn to the straps. The only real issue that I have with the PAPcap is that it causes my head to sweat and I wake up with hair that smells dirty but I wash it everyday anyway so even that's not a big deal. I'll admit that it takes a few tries to get it adjusted to where it fits right but once it's adjusted it's so much better than the other headgear & chin straps that I have tried!

(Posted on 7/3/2014)
Never going backReview by Lisa
I LOVE my Pap-Cap! I have been soley using it since the end of June. I will never go back to a chinstrap. It holds my chin much better. It took some time to figure out exactly where to attach the strap to the scarf for an angle best for me. I am promoting these at my lab, if only I had some new pics and a sample! Wish I thought of it. ;) (Posted on 7/3/2014)
Thanks!Review by carbonman
I have been using the full headgear Papcap for almost 2wks now.

It is a wonderful product.
It took about 10min to figure out the mechanics of how it worked.
It took about 30min of adjusting.
I have used it w/all my masks.
At this point, I am getting the best results w/the UM/s.
Since I started using the UM/s and got the Papcap adjusted to it,
I put it on, no adjustments and I'm into the abyss.

It is so much more comfortable than the neoprene headgear.
(Posted on 7/3/2014)
Love It!Review by Catherine
I love this cap!!! I like that the chinstrap portion can be adjusted, it's wide, and doesn't make me sweaty. The hose holder on the top helps tremendously to control the constant tugging of the hose. The only downside is getting it back on if you take it off in the middle of the night. A better idea is to unhook the hose and drag it all with you to the bathroom. Overall, I loved this product immediately. (Posted on 7/2/2014)

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